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Your thriving, more liberated and profitable future starts here!


Leading with ABM standards of excellence in the three disciplines of business coaching, consultancy and mentoring. 


This is person centred and non-advisory, meaning that you won't be provided with advice or a long list of things that need to be done. 


Instead, you will be asked to analyse, reflect and then take action by creating your own list or course of action. Coaching is a learning conversation and the results of a coaching process are self informed.


This means you can explore and untap your own potential and achieve success in one of more areas of your personal and/or work life. 


You will identify your business objectives, and we will work together to build an understanding. This will inform my research and consideration into the context of your problem before the best course of action is advised.

This work is carried out on a project basis, whereby the solution is found, assessed and delivered.

You will lead in the briefing, scope definition and review phases during the project but not necessarily play an active part in designing and implementing the agreed solution.


This is a process where help, guidance and support is offered, using empathy and practical experiences to facilitate your learning or development.


As a mentor I will act as a trusted guide and advisor; a soundboard and confidant who offers support, constructive feedback and transferral of knowledge and experience as required. 


The theme and outcome of these conversations is led by the mentee, so it is built on your rationale and decision of which route to take with the answers you have identified. 

Business design & innovation workshops and courses will be announced in Spring 2023.


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