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"Every rose has its thorn" is a well-known proverb often used to teach an important fact about human nature; that nothing is perfect. Prickly thorns are exactly how the rose grows into its full potential, they are the structure of its being. There are many obstacles in business and life where we find ourselves caught in the thorns trying to progress yet focusing on perfection. Challenges are often managed in isolation or with too many conflicting voices; volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity become a constant but they are rooted in our times. Taking stock, reimagining futures and establishing opportunities with vision, understanding, clarity and agility drives productivity and sustainable development. My professional experience and personal connection will help you find direction and take action with confidence.

Together we can break down barriers and move forward with design thinking and structure to help you find solutions to complex challenges. You will have a confidential space for constructive dialogue; to draw on your unique strengths and vision combined with my expertise and focus on your professional/ business growth and personal fulfilment. I offer an hour discovery session free of charge so we can find out ways of working together, this may be just what you need for a sounding board or to trouble shoot. It may also be the start of a bespoke plan for ongoing development, where I am a trusted coach, consultant or mentor to work through your objectives with you. Let’s talk! Book a no obligation one hour discovery call today…

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